Beautiful beadwork VW Beetle explained. Enjoy.

Standing Waves Video

Be careful of your ears please. Found this video at this blog site: http://infinity-imagined.tumblr.com

Cool ideas to try. Enjoy.

Cardboard Bicycle

Fascinating and inspiring.

Fun video…



Romancing the Wind

Here is a video.



Here is some more meditation mystical sound stuff. I don’t know too much more than you, but find it kind of interesting in principle. Here is the disclaimer for this youtube track:

1122Hz is a synthesis or “meta” frequency derived from calculating the output function of the first 12 direct solfeggio tones. As an output function, the essence of each of its tributaries are brought together in the summation of its collective center point, sonically suggesting the integration and synthesis of complete solfeggio spectrum. Great care and attention to detail have gone in to the construction of this track, infusing the Golden Proportion in to virtually every aspect of it; including tempo, duration, carrier tone to entrainment program ratios, the entrainment deceleration process, as well as the peaks and troughs of the music itself. The entrainment program in this track decelerates to an alpha level at 7.91Hz on a 93.5Hz carrier tone, making this track ideal for active morning meditation, study, and creative visualization. This track can be used for further actualizing the benefits of the previous solfeggio frequencies, or as an
entry level tool for solfeggio meditation. This track is great for both beginning and advanced meditators, as either a neuro-acoustic or bio-acoustic healing tool. Please use stereo headphones.